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Looking for a freelance or full-time job in Reunion Island

I am currently in Reunion Island, after 2.5 years of expatriation in Mauritius.

I finished my contract for, a website gathering a community of 1 million of expatriates worldwide. (100 000 visitors every day, 17 employees).

Engineer Master in Computer Engineering, I have specialized for 10 years in the creation of websites, especially in advanced development in Flash - Flex and PHP.

I have extensive experience in creating RIA (Flash, Flex, Ajax - Jquery), in web technologies (PHP - MySQL) but also in mobile development and responsive integration (HTML5 - CSS3).

Projects have allowed me to learn other technologies (SEO, 3D, Mobile apps, FMS, WebTV, Video, web design, web marketing).

During these ten years, I worked in the environment of video (shooting, editing, post-production), graphics (print, web design, 3D) but also in call centers and in employment for the disabled.



Tel : +262 692 37 67 12

2- Professional experience (10 years - Senior) :

October 2014 - ...

Web developer (Symfony 2 - PHP - Bootstrap) - Micronotes, Sainte-Clotilde, La Réunion (974)

From Mars 2012 to Mars 2014 (2 years)

Web & mobile developer (PHP - HTML5) - Expat blog Limited, Port Louis, Mauritius

October 2011 - February 2011 (5 month)

Web TV Developer (Flash - Flex) - Ukeez (detachment in Mauritius)

July 2011 - October 2011 (3 month)

Web developer (Flash - PHP) - Baco Interactive (Jobekia - Visiojob) in Nantes (France, 44)

August 2004 à July 2011 (7 ans)

Multimedia & Web Developer - TFV, film production company in Saché (France, 37).

3- Training - Diplomas


IUP Computer Engineering in La Rochelle (France, 17) (Professional University Institute).

4- Skills

Mobile and Rich Internet Applications development

Flash, Flex, Actionscript 3.0 (AS3), Javascript

Web development - Back End

PHP 5 - MySQL, ASP - SQL Server

HTML Integration - Front end

HTML 5, CSS 3, Responsive design, Javascript (AJAX, JQuery), SEO

Project management

Project management, web design, web marketing, ergonomy, graphism

5- Web developement, Webdesign, Integration

HTML Integration - Front end development

- HTML 5 & CSS 3 integration, responsive design, compliance with W3C conventions, cross-browsers compatibility
- Client interaction (Javascript - AJAX - JQuery)

Website design - Back end development

- Dynamic content websites (PHP - MySQL, ASP - SQL Server...)
- Back-office (Ajax, PHP), CMS (Drupal 7 et Joomla!), e-commerce (Prestashop, Os Commerce)

6- RIA and multimedia developement (Flash, Flex, Director)

Flash, Flex, AS3

Mobile development (iOS, Android via Adobe AIR)
Dynamic content website development (FLASH - PHP - MySQL with XML, JSON ou AMFPHP)
Complex application development (Video games, Web TV, Flash Media Server, pageflip)

7- Additional skills

- Projet management, technical expert, designer
- Web marketing
- Mobiles & Tablets
- Graphism
- Web design, ergonomy
- Webmaster
- Server
- DBA (Data base administrator)
- Real time 3D
- Video


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