Professional experience

From January 2024 to now

Project manager and freelance web developer (Symfony 6/7, Javascript)

Micronotes, based in Guadeloupe (971) Guadeloupe

From November 2018 to december 2023 (Freelance - 5 years)

Project manager and freelance web developer (Symfony 5, Javascript) for Micronotes

Freelance for Micronotes, Guadeloupe (971) Guadeloupe
Achievments :
- Project management, technical design, drafting of specifications and documentation
- Development of BiZiiPAD, web ERP for large and medium distribution players in the French overseas departments and territories
- Shipewa : Supply chain management and optimization TMS web application for carriers (Symfony 5)
- Run'Alim : Web application for managing standardized product sheets to promote local production (Symfony 5)
- Fruits et Légumes de la Réunion : Development of the website (front and back-office) highlighting all the local offers available in fresh fruit and vegetables in Reunion Island (Symfony 5, HTML integration)
- Site B2B Pains Saint-Rolan : Development of the e-commerce site, integration and management of order flows in BiZiiPAD (Prestashop, Symfony 3)
- B2B Club Nestlé Pro : Order flow management for the e-commerce site, integration and order flow management in BiZiiPAD (Specification definition, Symfony 3)
- BiZiiPAD Web Commande : B2B e-commerce platform integrated into BiZiiPAD (Symfony 3)

From October 2014 to November 2018 (4 years)

Project manager and web developer (Symfony 3, PHP, Bootstrap)

Micronotes, Sainte-Clotilde, La Réunion (974) La Réunion

Job Description :
Project management, technical design, drafting of specifications and documentation
Development of BiZiiPAD, web ERP for large and medium distribution players in the French overseas departments and territories
- Order flow management of the most important distributors in Reunion Island and the Antilles (more than 70 deployments)
- Order taking on mobile devices (commercial in supermarkets and stores)
- Order taking on e-commerce sites and B2B marketplace
- Synchronization and exchange of computer data
- Visualization and management of data via web interfaces
- Customers: Nestlé, Unilever, Mondelez, GBH, Mc Cormick, Phoenix ...
Design and development of iThaque, a web application for contract catering buyers and distributors
Development of B2B e-commerce and showcase sites

Technical environnement :
- Symfony 3 (PHP, MySQL, Doctrine, Twig), Symfony 2, Symfony 1.4
- Data exchange with SAP, Sage, AS400, EDI (Fluidify)...
- Prestashop 1.7, 1.6

Other achievements:
Passing HP Security Scans to Validate Web Application Security
Rationalization of all data flows (more than 70 deployments, 450,000 orders per year ), addition of logs and alerts
Creation of Doctrine overlay to improve performance (lazy loading) and provide additional classes for each entity (filters, pagination, lists with auto-completions ...)
Synchronization of Prestashop e-commerce / marketplace orders with our ERP via an XML Webservice

From March 2012 to March 2014 (2 years)

Web & Mobile Developer and Integrator(PHP - Responsive design)

Expat blog Limited, Port Louis, Mauritius

Job Description :
Design and development of the new website version - creation of the graphical guidelines and a responsive CSS framework
- web marketing (SEO, Google Adsense, Tracking)
- improvement of website features and administration tools (PHP, JS)
- code and performance optimization (SQL, cache, minification, algos)
Increase the community and improve the members loyalty (web marketing, A/B Testing, emailing...)
Improve the website profitability (SEO, advertising, partners...)

Technical environnement :
- PHP, MySQL, Ajax, JQuery, PunBB, Mustache
- HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, web design (mobile first, responsive design, flat design)
- Google DFP & Adsense, Optimizely, Post Affiliate, Redmine, SVN, Sphinx, SES

Conclusion :
Expat Blog is a community site for expats around the world. It proposes many services (forum, employment, real estate, directory...) in 5 languages ​​(English, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese).

The experience was very rewarding because it allowed me to discover the technical and commercial requirements of a site with high attendance. Furthermore, I have tackled new concepts (ergonomics, advertising, web marketing, web design).

During my two years spent in Expat Blog, the site has grown from 300,000 to 1 million members (with more than 100 000 visitors per day). The company grew from 8 to 17 employees (developers, moderators, community managers, marketing. ..)
The highlight, we have designed, developed and implemented the new version of the site (Destkop / tablet / mobile) which positions it as the market leader in site for expatriates.

October 2011 to februar 2012 (5 month)

Web developer (Flash - Flex)

Provincia SARL - Ukeez (France, 57), development for www.ukeez.fr (detachment in Mauritius)

Job Description :
- Development of a video and web activity / coaching staff
  - Development of components for WebTV (player, banners ...)
  - WebTV automation to manage 2000 channels and programming

Technical environnement :
- AS3 (Flex, Flash)
- Flash Media Server 4.0

Conclusion :
The company Provincia proposed through the site www.ukeez.fr a very ambitious project, improving the concept of Groupon, adding a database stores over 2000 cities and numerous promotions websites.
WebTV composed of 2000 channels (one per city) should be launched, offering national, regional, departmental and local broadcast.
I was seconded in Mauritius to develop the components necessary for operation of WebTV. Once the activity launched, i had to implant two clusters (video production and web design) and to coach staff there.
Unfortunately, lack of investors, the company was put into liquidation. However, the confidence that was given to me for this task, as well as the freedom that I was given to develop the business led me to quickly take responsibility and become independent project manager.

July 2011 to October 2011 (3 month)

Web developer (PHP/Flash)

Baco Interactive, web development for Jobekia and Visiojob in Nantes (France - 44).

Job Description:
- Development of components for the site Jobekia (joomla)
- Development of a video conferencing system for the product Visiojob (FMS, Flash)

Technical environment:
- PHP (MVC), Javascript (Ajax - Jquery), AS3, HTML5, CSS3
- Joomla! (MVC), Flash CS5, Flash Media Server 4.5

The company "Baco Interactive" is integrated into the company Jobekia specializing in recruitment. The team has created a website for disabled work search (www.jobekia.com) and a online video tool for coaching / recruiting video.
This period allowed me to develop new skills in working methods (AGILE), project organization and team work.
I was also consulted to define technologies for future projects and I was asked to evolve into a project manager status.

August 2004 to July 2011 (7 years)

Multimedia developer

TFV film production company in Tours (France - 37).

Job Description:
- Creating Full Flash Websites (MySQL connection, SEO)
- Web design(Showcases, E-commerce)
- Development of management tools (back-office).
- Creation of multimedia applications (video, 3D, CDROM, iPhone, iPad)
- Optimization, hosting, webmastering

Technical environment:
- AS3, PHP, Javascript (Ajax - Jquery), Lingo (some Objective-C and Java)
- Flash CS5, Director 11, Photoshop CS5, Unity 3D (some Flex builder)
- HTML5, CSS3, SEO, Flash SEO
- Drupal, Prestashop, OSCommerce

TFV is a small company specialized in Video (shooting, editing, post-production, duplication). I was working in an environment full of audio visual technologies.
A new business started with my arrival (website and multimedia application). Then we was able to extend the activities of the company to other media (3D graphics, print) and provide clients a complete package.
The diversity of proposed projects has allowed me to work with a huge number of technologies and expertise (web-oriented and more). I used to deal with projects from A to Z and I also acquired skills of project management (specifications and estimations).

November 2003 to July 2004 (9 months)

Technician for HP and Compaq

SITEL in La Rochelle (France - 17).

Job Description:
- Customer phone support (PCs, printers, scanners, cameras)
- Customer email support

June 2003 to August 2003 (3 months)

Web developer

sailbestprice.com Suresne (Paris - France)

Performing an e-commerce platform www.sailbestprice.com
- Development of front-end
- Development of back-office (administrator, agencies, clients ...)

Technical environment:
ASP - SQL Server - (A little ASP. NET)

This job has allowed me to deal with a important project in a fairly short period. It taught me to develop reusable models and acquire methods to fit with standards and conventions.

January 2002 to December 2002 (1 year)

Multimedia developer

Tandem Editions, publishing company (brochures, games, CD-ROMs) in Nantes (France - 44)
Design and development of 8 CD-ROMs for "Click and Go" collection (TF1 Multimedia).
(Content, Quiz, databases managers, video players)

February 2001 to July 2001

Internship abroad for Visual Info, a webdesign business located in Tangier (Morocco).
Realization of a interactive CD to visit the city of Marrakech. Participation in the implementation of a dating website

January 2001

Designing a online PDA for schools for the "Poitou-Charentes" region

April 2000 to July 2000 (4 months)

Internship in Systel, business specialized in embedded systems and radio transmission - La Rochelle (France - 17)
Creation of a Visual Basic intranet to manage after sales service