Web development

 Development of web applications

 Website creation and e-commerce


- PHP 8 / PHP 7.x / PHP 5.6(Object Programming, MVC, use of frameworks), ASP
- Creation of showcase sites, community and back-office sites (PHP + JQuery - Ajax)
- Creation of RESTful applications (Symfony 5, VueJS, Angular)
- SQL: Links with SQL databases: MySQL, Maria DB, PostgreSQL, SQLite, SQL Server
- NoSQL: Links with NoSQL databases: MongoDB, IndexedDB

- PHP Frameworks: Symfony 5 + Doctrine + Twig (Symfony 4, 3, 2 and 1.4)
- ORM / Data persistence: Doctrine
- Code refactoring, algorithm optimization
- Improved server performance, Caching (Memcached, APC), compression
- Page optimization(CSS and JS minification, image spriting, GZIP compression, use of CDN, Fontello)
- Dependency management: Yarn, NPM, Composer, Bower, Yeoman
- Automation of tasks: Webpack, Gulp, Grunt, Capifony
- Search engines (Elastic search, Sphinx)
- Apache server config(CRON, Htaccess, URL Rewriting, GZ compression ...)
- Security(SQL, XSS injections, user rights, htaccess)
- Amazon Web Service(SES, CDN)
- Unit and functional tests, PHPUnit


- HTML 5 integration - CSS 3
- Responsive web design(responsive mobile sites and tablets), Mobile First, Flat design
- Bootstrap 3/4: Mastery of CSS frameworks
- Responsive emailing(adaptive mobile and tablet emails, compatible with email clients and browsers)
- Compatibility between browsers (IE 6, 7, 8), respect of W3C standards

- Javascript - JQuery: Interaction with the user, manipulation of the DOM
- AJAX: Asynchronous link with the server (JSON, XML)
- VueJS: Creation of applications (single-page web apps)
- Angular: Creation of applications (single-page web apps)
- Creation of HTML5 / JQuery plugins (Galleries, video player, validation of forms ...)

- SEO, SEO optimization(Metas, Structure of pages, HTML5 semantics, Microdatas, Sitemap)
- Design and variation of graphic charter
- Improved ergonomics and user experience
- User testing, A / B Testing, user tracking
- Templating, template engines: Twig, Mustache
- JQuery UI, JQuery Mobile


- Design of relational databases(MySQL Workbench)
- Complex SQL queries(joins, triggers, SQL procedures)
- Optimization of database performance (data structures, queries, joins, index)
- MySQL, Maria DB, PostgreSQL, SQLite, SQL Server
- NoSQL: MongoDB, Redis, CouchDB, IndexedDB
- ORM / Data persistence: Doctrine
- Security (prevention of SQL injections)


- Versioning: GIT - SVN (Tortoise SVN) - WinMerge
- PhpStorm
- Eclipse - Aptana - Netbeans
- Sublime Text - Notepad ++
- MySQL Workbench


Community website for expats around the world
3 million members, 100,000 visitors daily
- Design, development and integration of the new version
- Creation of a responsive site for tablets and mobile
- Technical constraints and optimizations related to high traffic
- Business requirements (web marketing, SEO ...)
BiZiiPAD - Web application
- On-line ERP to manage orders from large distributors for supermarkets in the overseas departments (Antilles, Réunion, Mayotte, Guyana)
- more than 70 deployments
- Management of more than 450,000 orders per year
- Link with the main ERP / accounting software on the market (SAP, SAGE i8, SAGE i7, SAGE X3, Reflex, Chorus Pro, VIF, AS400 ...)
- Link with the main EDI order streams (Fluid, GBH, Corex ...)
- Link with order taking software (our mobile application, our web applications and Prestashop
SHIPEWA - Web application
- TMS web application for managing and optimizing the supply chain for carriers
- based on Symfony 5
iThaque - Web application
- Application allowing local producers to connect with local authorities to favor short cycles
- Creation of a Market Place to present the catalog and order taking
- Creation of an app for the traceability of freezing surpluses in school canteens
- Creation of a tablet app to avoid waste in the kitchens of schools
Fruits et Légumes de la Réunion
- Website highlighting all the local offers available in fresh fruits and vegetables in Reunion Island
- HTML website (no CMS)
- Back-office based on Symfony 5
- Prestashop 1.7 e-commerce site for the sale of Pains Saint Rolan products to professionals (Hypermarkets, supermarkets, grocery stores ...)
- Gateway with BiZiiPAD (synchronization of orders, catalog and customers)
- Definition of specifications for exchanges between B2B and BiZiiPAD
- Gateway with BiZiiPAD (synchronization of orders, catalog and customers)
BELLOE - www.belloe.fr
E-commerce site : OS Commerce + Flash + Unity3D
- Shoe Customization Module in 3D
- Unity3D Module - Javascript - Flash - PHP - OsCommerce
- Adaptation of OsCommerce for customizable products in 3D
. Different parts depending on the model (upper, heel ...)
. Different categories of options for each part (leather...)
. Different values of options (color) + conjunction with the 3D model
JOBEKIA - www.jobekia.com
Job classifieds website for the disabled
- Creation of Joomla! modules and components (MVC)
- Interfaces with XML feed Job (ubiposting, multiposting)
- Improved ergonomics (JS and JQuery integration)
- Improvement of the existing site, bug fixes (Mantis)
- Technical advice, modeling databases
Sail Best Price
SBP - www.sailbestprice.com
Sailboat rental e-commerce website
- Development of the merchant site
- Development of a CMS (homemade with ASP)
- Development of the back-office (administrator, agency, client)
Other references:
- iThaque.re (Responsive website presenting a web app)
- Micronotes (One page web site presenting a IT Service Provider)
- Eros.re (Prestashop improvements for online sex shop)
- Pehipeho - Mobile website (JQuery Mobile) (Replaced by HTML5 Version w Responsive Design)
- TFV - (HTML and Flash site with dynamic content via personal CMS in PHP / Ajax)
- Tucana Média- (HTML and Flash site with dynamic content via personal CMS in PHP / Ajax)
- Fibule création - (Prestashop site for the sale of Celtic and medieval fibulae)
- Seconde carrière - (Joomla site! Job advertisements for seniors)
- Forum Handicap - (Joomla site! Job fairs and forums)
- Toutoulight (HTML showcase site for dog collars)
- Hollypark (HTML showcase site for an amusement park)
- ADSL pour Tous (HTML site for an Internet and ISP comparator)

Creation of management tools for:
- Creation of an in-house CMS / Back-office in PHP / AJAX to manage the content of our clients' Flash sites (referencing, content, references, image gallery, news ...)
- Jobekia Back-office (MVC Joomla!: Companies, candidates, 13,000 jobs, 5,000 CVs)
- Seconde carrière Back-office (MVC Joomla!: Companies, candidates)
- CMS + Sailbestprice Back-office (ASP: Admin, agency, owner, client)
- CRM TFV (Tool for contacting and sending video advertising films, 1100 references)
- Belloe (Improved OsCommerce to accommodate customizable 3D products)
- TFV (CMS / back-office in PHP / AJAX: content, references, image gallery)
- Tucana Media (CMS / back-office in PHP / AJAX: content, references, image gallery)
- Art et paix (PHP and XML: content, news)
- Airpac (CMS / back-office in PHP / AJAX: news, references in 8 languages)
- Geosolec (CMS / back-office in PHP / AJAX: news, quotes, contests)
- Socona (CMS / back-office in PHP / AJAX: registrations, newsletter, news)
- Yves Elléouët (CMS / back-office in PHP / AJAX: Image gallery, news, contact)
- BSI (CMS / back-office in PHP / AJAX: news, contact)

Création des sites HTML "satellite" pour le référencement de sites Flash et les mobiles :
- Socona
- Lepron SA
- Airpac
- Geosolec
- Art et Paix
- Yves Elléouët